We have helped many organizations communicate their Values and have spent an extensive amount of time considering our own.

After all, our Values will guide us as we make decisions about our business and our relationships with our clients and each other. We realize this is not a topic to take lightly.  

Our decision was to select just one Value on which to focus:

Do The Right Thing.

After much reflection, we concluded that these words say it all. For if one believes wholeheartedly that something is the right thing to do, doesn't that take all other "Values" into account?  

To build on this core belief, the following are our Guiding Principles:

  • Achieve balance
  • Be passionate!
  • Care for financial health
  • Invest in relationships
  • Maintain flexibility
  • Practice excellence
  • Respect each other
  • Seek feedback
  • Seek out clients and colleagues who value partnership
  • Share the wealth
  • Share the work
  • Take ownership
  • Trust your team
  • Work at thinking creativity
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