ClearBlue continually seeks the input of leading academicians, experts and enlightened executives. We look to them for advice and counsel regarding our business and as resources for inspired thinking around business challenges. They believe in our philosophy and contribute their leadership and vision. They are invaluable to ClearBlue.

Our Board of Thinking Partners was formed at the inception of ClearBlue and will continue to grow.

Carole France, Ph.D. is a true believer. She has first-hand experience working with Toni before the founding of ClearBlue. She is an ideal fit for our organization and we are lucky to have her on board. We share an enthusiasm for clients and a belief that learning solutions must be interactive and engaging in order to capture employee mindshare.

Carole is a Senior Executive Consultant for Mercer Delta's Executive Learning Center, a leading provider of executive development programs. She is an organizational psychologist with extensive experience in organizational development, training and communications. She is particularly well-versed in the challenging and complex issues surrounding mergers and acquisitions.

Jeffrey Marlin is an accomplished writer and thinker, not to mention one of the most interesting people we know. In the course of a 40 year writing career, Jeffrey has created training curricula and materials for sales, service, management, coaching, and other functions for over two hundred clients including many of the fortune 500. He deeply understands the training and marketing needs of major industrial and commercial sectors including: manufacturing, petroleum extraction and refining, utilities, retail, transportation, telecommunications, high tech, insurance, banking, financial services, and health care.

Before his career in training, Jeffrey spent fifteen years in educational media, writing and producing films and writing catalogs and direct mail. He began his career writing advertising copy. Jeffrey has also published several novels.

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