Let's take a look at how we'll get started...

We begin by meeting with your strategic leadership to establish a shared understanding of the Business Strategy and what organizational success will look like. We'll narrow our focus and identify who will be impacted and what they will need to know - or do differently - in order to contribute. We'll focus on the role learning needs to play.

Next, we'll conduct a Learning Connection Workshop - a one to two-day intense, collaborative meeting designed to deliver focus and clarity on the content to be addressed during the learning experience. It will provide a compass for the direction in which we will proceed.

As an outcome of the Workshop, we will agree on the best approach to deliver the solution, ever mindful of budgetary goals and other requirements or constraints. As a team, we will work with you to agree on the Objectives that must be accomplished and the Outcomes you can expect.

After the meeting, the ClearBlue team will develop an actionable, comprehensive Solution Summary detailing the Objectives, Design Requirements, Solution, Deliverables, Project Plan and Investment.

With a well thought out and agreed upon approach, we begin development and bring to life your breakthrough solution .

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