We Connect Business Strategies to Learning Solutions.

That is what we do...but exactly how do we do it?

By remaining relentlessly focused on your success, the success of your initiatives and the quality of the work we do .

This level of commitment is second nature to us, but we've been delighted to discover that it often sets us apart.

That's why we always begin a relationship by doing our very best to understand your Culture.

For a learning solution to work and to make a difference, it must "fit" in an organization. Because this is such a critical issue, let's look at it more closely...

Shared beliefs, spirit, attitude, behaviors -- all shape and are shaped by organizational Culture. By understanding an organization's Culture, its community is able to establish and live its Values and Principles. These Values and Principles enable a Shared Vision of success for the organization that everyone can embrace.

A Strategy, then, is the outgrowth of a Shared Vision. An agreed upon plan of action, a Strategy serves as a roadmap fueled by Tactics to achieve a goal and move toward realization of the Shared Vision.

Clearly a learning solution is one of potentially many Tactics that are needed to realize success. But, all too often, learning is left out. We focus on operations, technology, staffing or budget and we forget to make a Connection for people. We forget to help employees learn and understand the bigger picture. And, all too often, Learning Solutions are undertaken, but just don't "fit" the organization because they don't reflect its Culture.

As we consider your challenges, we keep in mind all the complex and unique elements of your Culture. We embrace your Values and Principles, and we seek to share your Vision. In this way, we can begin to connect the learning solution we create directly to your Strategy.

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